Modern Transport Management System more than ever

Re Search Has demonstrated the necessity for IT and forwarders. The Freight Forwarding 20-16 evaluation was ran by Transport Intelligence and arrived on the finish which forwarders ought to principally be nimble and customer-oriented, ought to they'd care to endure. A Transport Administration program is among the many techniques. A foundation within the type of a TMS could be a absolute want on this circumstance. 

The world's first electric car with solar batteries

The notion of fabricating an electric vehicle with the capacity of charging its batteries in your solar power panels has been at the atmosphere for all decades ago. However, nobody expected which the initial to ever get the job to lifetime will probably have the capacity almost unrecognizable of supporters out of Germany, that increased dollars for its very first model of this vehicle using a crowdfunding portal site. Wonderful electric automobile has got the identify of Sion, and mass production ought to begin at 2019.

Electric cars should be recharged on the go, but how?

The international automotive marketplace may be worth two billion bucks, however hybrid and electric cars currently accounts for significantly less than one of the amount. But, professionals are calling an explosion in regard to electrical autos or even electrical motor vehicles. UBS forecasts that the requirement for electrical automobiles will probably reach at a turning position in 2018, because their price tag will soon fall and eventually collapse under the price of traditional vehicles using internal combustion motor (which include because of prices).

What is Hyperloop?

In recent weeks, the Internet is literally filled with news about Hyperloop pneumatic high speed trains. What until recently seemed science fiction, may become reality in the coming years. We decided to look into all the intricacies of this ambitious project and to imagine what it's like to be carried in the air tube at a speed of more than a thousand kilometers per hour.

Vehicles of the future Part 2


The idea of also came to us from science fiction. And there is every reason to believe that such vehicles will become a reality in the near future: the company Aerofex, whose creation is depicted in the photo above, plans in 2016 to conduct extensive flight testing of, and in 2017 to start selling them. The company assured what to use this thing as simple as ride a bike so a pilot's license is not required.

The magnetic levitation train

Vehicles of the future Part 1

Modern cars surprise with the presence of heated seats or built-in dispenser with ice. But in fact it is quite small improvements but in the near future we may see much more significant changes in the world of transport.

Humanity has long been engaged in the exploration and development of new fuel sources not century the Arabs to buy oil. Although electric cars and hybrids are gaining popularity, their high cost is a major deterrent to the world the triumph of ecology.

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